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Service Providers

The Board of Trustees has assembled a capable team of nationally-recognized service providers:


Gallagher manages the VEBA Plan’s customer care center in Spokane. In addition, Gallagher’s field team provides local on-site service to employers. This includes technical support, plan adoption/renewal assistance, group presentations, etc. In addition, Gallagher provides specialized consulting services to the Board of Trustees and coordinates all VEBA Trust activities, including the services provided by other third-party vendors.

Hyas Group, LLC is an independent investment consulting firm that provides investment consulting services to the Board of Trustees. Located in Portland, Oregon, the firm assists the Board of Trustees with the selection, review, and monitoring of the individual fund options and pre-mixed portfolios.

Russell Greenblatt of Katten is VEBA Trust’s legal counsel. Mr. Greenblatt is nationally recognized as a leader in the employee benefits field of VEBAs and HRAs. Before joining Katten in 1980, Mr. Greenblatt served as an Attorney Advisor with the Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations Division of the Office of Chief Counsel to the IRS (Washington, D.C.), during which time he was the principal author of the IRS regulations on VEBAs. Mr. Greenblatt’s experience brings employers and participants the highest level of legal expertise to ensure the VEBA Trust and Plan comply with complex federal tax regulations.


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